Acoustic Door

When the entrance and exit doors of the hall walls covered with wooden acoustic panels are made of flat panel materials, they cause sound reflections and the quality of sensation deteriorates to a certain extent. Aesthetically; different door models in an acoustic panel-coated wall cause visual disturbance from the architectural point of view.

Acoustic wooden doors, double or single wing, door frame, moldings, hinges and fit all the acoustical values capture all. All doors are manufactured in the factory environment and tested before assembly. If you need a specific door, our expert staff will work to find the right wooden door for you. It has a soundproof feature designed as a wooden sound insulation door. It is necessary to use the sound insulation door with a special open profile for sound insulation.

Usage Areas of Acoustic Doors

– Conference Hall Acoustic Doors,
– Meeting Room Acoustic Doors,
– Room Acoustic Doors,
– Audio Recording Studio Acoustic Doors,
– Multi-Purpose Hall Acoustic Doors,
– Music Room Acoustic Doors,
– Cinema Hall Acoustic Doors,
– Fashion Scene Acoustic Doors.

Acoustic Doors are suitable for use in the areas mentioned above and in special desired areas.

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