Acoustic Fabric Panel

Acoustic Fabric Panel

The acoustic fabric panel is covered with impact-resistant acoustic sound-absorbing fabric on the front surface of the wall panel. The interior material of the panels is fabric-covered glasswool and fabric-covered rockwool. Glass tulle is coated on the back of the panel. It is mostly used on walls to provide acoustic sound insulation and decorative. It can also be used in ceiling sections if desired.

Custom production is possible, but the dimensions are standard. Thickness doesn't matter much in sound absorption but is more efficient than thin.

Fabric Covered Wall Panel Usage Areas

In addition to sound absorbency, fabric covered panels provide a decorative appearance and can be easily applied on concrete or gypsum boards that can be used in the last layer.

Acoustic wood panels are used in offices and meeting rooms to prevent tinnitus on bare walls. Home theater, restaurant, cinema room, hospital, cafe-bar, studio room, director room, radio room, drum room and so on. spaces are preferred.

Application of Acoustic Fabric Panel

There are multiple ways to apply fabric covered wall panels. If you obtain from the self-adhesive fabric panel, you can remove the adhesive paper on the back and apply it to the wall or ceiling.

The other method is to use solid based liquid adhesive. With this process, we recommend that you wear aske in your mouth to avoid disturbing the smell of the adhesive. After emptying the adhesive into a container, use a roller brush to remove the adhesive and apply it to the area where the acoustic wood panel will be applied. Because it will leave a mark, we recommend that you drive without going outside the panel dimensions.

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