Wood Wool Particle Board

Heraklite Wood Wool / Celenit Particle Board / Green Board Acoustic Panel
• It is an ecological panel series with acoustic sound and heat insulation. It is formed by grating wood sawdust and turning it into a cement-based board.
• It consists of wood fiber resistant to moisture and water. It consists of a mixture of Porland cement and mineralized.
• It can be produced with non-flammability feature. It is produced by special pressing method under pressure.
• Production can be made in the desired color and pattern.
• It is long lasting & has the ability to keep its shape.
• It can be produced in desired dimensions with thickness options of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm and 30mm. The most common production size is 120 cm x 60 cm.
• Sound insulation is very good. Sound absorption for 10 mm cementitious composite is 31db.
• It has thermal insulation. It provides high performance in acoustic performance and sound absorption.
• It is highly resistant to humidity, UV light, extreme heat and cold.
• Resistant to biological pests (mildew and fungal infection).
• It is resistant to fire (b1 is hardly flammable) and is non-flammable up to 750 C in accordance with ISO 1182 standards.
• Resistant to termites and insects.
• It can be easily processed by machine, it is easy to install because it is light enough to be carried by hand.
• It is extremely resistant to impacts and impacts.

Scope of application
-In closed public areas, theater and movie theaters.
-Airports, subway stations, suspended ceilings.
– In sports halls, roof coatings of indoor swimming pools.
– In shopping malls, schools, hospitals.
-In offices, meeting – conference rooms, TV – radio – recording studios.
-Hotel lobbies, restaurant, cafe, disco, bar etc. in venues.
-Closed parking spaces, shooting ranges.
-In cold storage constructions.
It can be used in all suspended ceiling systems, as well as on ceilings and walls by nailing or screwing.

Technical specifications

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