Acoustic Wood Panel

Acoustic Reflective Panel

Acoustic Absorber Panel

Acoustic Reflective (Scattering) Panel

Acoustic Absorber – Reflective Panel

Wood Wool Particle Board

Egg Sponge

Acoustic wood panel

It is used as acoustic reflective panel, acoustic absorber panel, acoustic scattering panel and acoustic reflector – absorber panels.

Acoustic reflective panel: Reflective acoustic panels ensure that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room and hall. It is in the foreground with the task of reflection, not the task of swallowing. Before the assembly process, a number of calculations are required, the acoustic design changes the layout and shape of the panels. It is generally used in sound recording studios for quality sound.

Acoustic absorber panel: Absorber acoustic panels are types of wood that are often used to absorb, reflect, and help regulate acoustic sound indoors. Acoustic absorber panels are perforated and jointed. It is used in priority walls and ceilings. Acoustic Absorber Panel Application Areas: Conference hall absorber panel, theater hall absorber panel, wedding hall absorber panel, cinema halls absorber panel, shopping mall absorber panel, restaurants absorber panel, call centers absorber panel, shooting polygons absorber panel , sports hall absorber panels, meeting rooms absorber panels, wedding salons are absorber panels.

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