Acoustic Reflective Panel

Acoustic wood panel; acoustic reflective panel, acoustic absorber panel ve acoustic reflective – absorber panel are available on our actual stocks as perforated and striped wood panel modals. These are panels made of high quality professional MDF and MDF-Lam wood which reduce, reflect and help acoustic arrangements in indoor environments. Wood Acoustic Wall Panels, MDF-Lam, which is used as sound insulation for sound acoustic needs in the spaces, is used for drilling, reflective wood panels, linear slot opening, fabric covered acoustics and sound cushion on the back surface, as natural coated, polished and painted.. Areas of use of wooden wall panels; meeting rooms, conference halls, congress halls, teleconferencing halls, party halls, wedding halls and organizing areas in many areas such as decorative and sound insulation. Joint wood acoustic panel and perforated wood acoustic panel models are optional. Perforated acoustic wood panels are acoustically gaining by drilling holes at certain intervals. In indoor environments, it serves to reduce noise. The diffuser wood panel creates a decorative look on your wall. It has a completely natural structure. Produced from special wood. Custom color can be painted according to your preferences. Diffuser acoustic wood panel provides a controlled sound quality by breaking the sound waves with energy reflected into the environment without high noise reduction factor.

Acoustic reflective panels are generally used in movie theaters to ensure that the sound coming from the reflection and not distort the quality. Acoustic reflective panels are made on the hall side only and are separated as perforations. Since there is no hole behind the reflective panel, it absorbs some of the sound and provides the sound to be transmitted in the desired direction.

Ceiling: 600×600 mm
Wall: 600×1200 mm
Thickness: 8, 12, 18 mm – MDF LAM
Front and Rear Surface: Flat

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